Sexual Assault Intervention and Prevention
Serving Butte, Glenn, and Tehama Counties




This workshop focuses on improving communication skills and what it means to be a passive, aggressive, or assertive person.


This workshop, anows participants to determine their self worth and focuses on the differences between safe and risky behaviors.


Boundaries gives participants ideas to determine what their personal space means to them. There is also a focus on healthy and unhealthy boundaries in personal relationships.

Gender Bias

Through the use of music videos, media, and advertising we point out stereotypical sex roles society has created for both males and females.

Sexual Harassment

Harassment can take place in the school or in the workplace. We define the laws and steps to take in order to stop sexual harassment.

Rape / Sexual Violence

There are several myths surrounding sexual assault, we focus on the facts. We cover an areas, of sexual assault including: incest, child molest, date rape drugs, and the laws pertaining to these issues.

We are able to provide just one or all of our workshops depending on the time allotted and the need. We will work with your schedule.