Sexual Assault Intervention and Prevention
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Children's Programs

The Children's Programs Dept. consist of two programs: the CAP program for kindergarten through 4th grade, and the STOP program. When doing the CAP program we soon learned that the program was either too advanced or too elementary for others. So we started the STOP program to meet every age level. The STOP program is split into two sections: preschool, and 5th and 6th grades. Our goal is to present these programs to schools or anywhere that there are age appropriate children. We believe that interaction with the children helps them learn what we are trying to share with them.

Children need simple, usable strategies to cope with dangerous situations. This
workshop is very-effective in that goal.

J.Blue-2nd grade

Eastside Elementary, Oroville, CA

Learn about CAP (Child Assault Prevention Program)

Learn about STOP (Safety Training Outreach Program)

Learn about Teen POWER (Pregnancy Prevention With Education and Resources)