Sexual Assault Intervention and Prevention
Serving Butte, Glenn, and Tehama Counties


S.T.O.P. (Safety Training Outreach Program)

Preschool STOP (Safety Training Outreach Program)

The purpose of Preschool STOP is to plant the idea of safe and unsafe situations, how to recognize the two and what to do in these situations. We rely a lot on the child's feelings towards each situation.

First Day- Identify safe places and safe people. Bully role-play with dolls, unsuccessful then successful using the children's suggestions, focusing on 4 safety words. Also encouraging the children to ask for a friends help, and emphasizing who they can tell.

Day 2- Identify who strangers are. Ask what the children know about strangers. Do unsuccessful role-play with Molly, Tommy & the stranger, the stranger tricks M & T and the dolls get taken. Discussion with children, then successful role-play with M & T staying safe.

Day 3 (can be combined with day 2 if needed) - Using pictures discuss safe and unsafe touches and safe and unsafe secret. Also talk about bathing suit area. .. explain that if anyone touches them in that area and it makes them feel icky, sad, scared, etc. then they need to use the four safety words and say no, run, yell and tell someone that they trust. Conclusion.