Sexual Assault Intervention and Prevention
Serving Butte, Glenn, and Tehama Counties


S.T.O.P. (Safety Training Outreach Program)

STOP Safety Tips

1. Avoid Scare tactics. Always be as honest and clear about child abuse as you can be. This way when your child is confronted with abuse, they can recognize it.

2. Teach them to pay attention to their feelings. When something or someone makes your child feel uneasy, or "sick' inside, it is known as the "uh-oh" feeling, and it is important that they act on it, and tell you about it right away.

3. Talk with your child about appropriate touching and sexual harassment. It is easier for a pedophile to hurt a child who feels guilt, shame, or mystery concerning their body and sex. As one abuser stated, "Show me a kid who knows nothing about sex, and I'll show you my next target."

4. Do not force children to show physical affection for people. Allow them to show it on their own terms. It is important that they never have to kiss or touch if they don't want to. This teaches them healthy personal boundaries.

5. Decide with your child who the "safe" grown­ups are in their life. These are the people they feel they can always trust and go to for help.

6. Play the "what if" game often. Ask your child what they would do in given situations, such as being approached by a stranger in a mall, being asked for their address over the internet, etc. The more you understand their reasoning, the better you will know what to teach them. The more familiar a child is to a situation, the better they will deal with it.

7. Stress that your child not keep secrets from you, especially those Involving another adult, even if the adult is a friend or relative.